Member opportunities are limited only by your imagination: You can increase your market share and revenue by knowing and understanding the armaments prototyping environment-the requirements, the stakeholders, the processes, and the power of the network. Membership in the NAC provides access to competitive intelligence and to networks and methods to collaborate with stakeholders and potential partners.


Solicitations are issued by the DOTC and AMTC Programs to NAC members requesting responses to DoD requirements for prototyping efforts.  Each solicitation typically has many requirements from various DoD Services and Agencies within our armament technology areas. Each requirement provides a description of the technology needed, an estimate of the funding available, and the confidence level of the likelihood it will be awarded.  When a solicitation is released, the members are notified and the solicitation is posted on our Members Only Website.  NAC members respond to the solicitation by submitting an Enhanced White Paper providing information on their technology solution, approach, schedule, etc.



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