I am pleased to report that both the DOTC and AMTC programs are doing very well. Below is a summary of DOTC funding received year-todate. In May, both DOTC and AMTC had 8 new awards each. The listing of the member awards can be found on our websites, https://www.nacconsortium.org/awards/ and https://www.amtcenterprise.org/awards/.


The DOTC program team is working to complete all remaining Enhanced White Paper evaluations for the 19-04 and 19-05 cycles. To date, 19-04 is 90% complete and 19-05 is 80% complete. This is a large jump due DOTC and CCNJ team members working overtime and their commitment to eliminating backlog. In addition, the team has ~140 projects in the award process with the goal of making 90 new awards in the last five months of FY20 – and is on track!


The DOTC program team is working to complete the “Process Reset” that should be rolled out at the first of FY21. We are completing the level 2 process detail and will begin testing the new process in August and September. The level 2 process detail will include the NAC member and government training and program timeline. Highlights of the reset include 3 collaboration events per year, monthly solicitations, and a parallel process for soliciting projects that are ready for immediate award and a process for getting NAC member input for emerging requirements.


It is a testament to our industrial base that during this current situation we are continuing to aggressively support the modernization of our warfighters. Thanks to all of you for your hard work and the innovative technologies you are delivering!


Charlie Zisette
Executive Director


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