Dave Turovsky

NAC Executive Committee Chair


Dave Turovsky is the Director of Aerospace, Defense Programs and New Business Development for PTI, a precision injection molder of engineered polymers, metals, ceramics and small business.

In his current role Dave directs the strategy, development, and execution of PTI’s defense and aerospace programs from concept through production and has been responsible for conceptualizing, closing, and executing some of PTI’s most significant and innovative R&D / manufacturing programs. In this multidisciplinary role, Dave has developed prototype and production manufacturing technology across small, medium, and large caliber ordnance, RMBs, packaging, Insensitive Munitions, and fuzing. With a perspective gained across the DoD, Dave has championed “technology-agnostic” solutions across platforms and agencies delivering innovation, value, and schedule to USG and aerospace clients.

Prior to joining PTI in 2014, Dave had a 15 year career as a management consultant and entrepreneur in several disciplines which developed into an R&D, prototype development, and government contracting practice supporting DoD contractor-clients with a small business focus. Dave became an OTA specialist with a winning track record of DOTC awards leading to his position at PTI.

Dave is an advocate for small business seeking to “level the playing field” while fostering competition and collaboration. He also seeks to ensure ideas emanating from small enterprises are given the chance to be evaluated for their technical merits absent resources available to large organizations. Dave is also committed to promoting STEM, manufacturing trade, and vocation education in the US as well as developing closer relationships with academia to prepare “hands-on” engineers to drive American innovation and manufacturing.

Dave graduated with a BA from Rutgers University, is an FSAE alum, earned an MBA from the Berlin School of Economics, and is trilingual. On the job Dave learned prototype and manufacturing process development and DoD platforms. Dave is passionate about developing and transitioning technology, and is committed to the continuous improvement of efficient, fair, and strategic OTA / acquisition policy.

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