All-Foam Products Company was established in 1977 to service the growing demand for fabricated cellular foam cushioning products, used principally in the bedding and furniture industries. As technology within the foam industry evolved, All-Foam expanded into the areas of toolbox foam liners, military specification cushioning, engineered protective foams and decorative, protective packaging and Ballistic Foam. By providing design solutions and product alternatives, All-Foam has become a known leader in the packaging and cushioning industries, manufacturing many of its orders to customer specific needs.


• Toolbox Foam Liners
• Military Specification Cushioning
• Engineered Protective Foams
• Decorative Foam
• Ballistic Foam
• Elastomer Rubber Products
• Foam Tapes


• Bonding
• Computer Numerically Controllers Technology
• Contour Cutting
• Convolution
• Die Cutting
• Laminating
• Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Application
• Deforming / Compression Cutting
• Melt Adhesive
• Hot Wire Cutting


• Rock Island Arsenal – Revenues over $1.6 million
• Rock Island Arsenal – Revenues over $800K
• AM General - Revenues over $6.5 million
• DLA Aviation – Revenues of $720,000