Artis was established in 1999 by Keith Brendley, Jed Marti and outside partners. With its headquarters in Reston and a lab in Salt Lake City, Artis specializes in contract R&D and analysis services for security, health, IT, energy and other markets. Artis provides R&D for cutting-edge active protection systems, distributed sensor systems, rapid prototyping, simulation and geospatial software, and defense and homeland security systems analysis. Its pioneering research has led to the development of Iron Curtain, an active protection system for light vehicles, as well as other active protection systems. Additionally, it has developed MOCOVE, a unique, drug-free motion sickness prevention device; distributed sensor networks; mobile robotics systems; and other futuristic systems. Artis’ customers include DARPA, ARDEC, Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, Office of Naval Research, DoT, CDC and others. Artis has created a rich culture of creativity and innovation, a capability to develop complex systems, and an ability to form teams to leverage manufacturing and support capabilities of much larger companies.

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