Bailey Tool & Mfg. Co. (BTM) is a small business headquartered in the Dallas suburb of Lancaster, Texas. Since 1969, BTM has been producing metal components in machining and press-forming methods for a variety of industrial sectors. BTM collaborates with customers on product design and simulation using advanced nonlinear FEA and solids design tools, performs prototyping, development and testing services and builds prototype and sophisticated production tooling and assembly equipment. BTM has a wide range of CNC, mechanical, laser and robotic machining, forming and welding equipment to accomplish these tasks and has additional capabilities in hydroforming and hot-forming processes. Post-grad metallurgical and material science engineering professionals assist in the design, development and maintenance of processes employed in development and production and materials characterization efforts. Relationships with academic research resources at state and private university systems augment BTM’s technical capabilities. BTM has current experience in the production of shaped charge liners and true deep-drawn components for warhead applications. For further information on BTM and other inquiries, contact John Buttles at

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