Casey Corp Defense is a Total Small Business out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in Untied States Air Force SBIR/STTR Research in the Micro Computer Integrated Rifle (MCIR) program(s). Casey Corp Defense also specializes in government weapon procuring and brokering as well as general engineering services. Casey Corp Defense maintains strategic director level connections with Oklahoma State University research laboratories, to have some of the most up to date academia discoveries at hand. Casey Corp Defense has been awarded 2 SBIR/STTR contracts from the USAF to date. On a USAF SBIR/STTR Phase II, Casey Corp Defense secured a LOS and MOU from AATC/DOJ special warfare to provide the Micro Computer Integrated Rifle as a secure Video Download link (VDL) and Situational Awareness (SA) device for sUAS. This direction created a separate opportunity called Rapid Target Acquisition with Command Live Stream Capabilities that branches away from the Micro Computer Integrated Rifle being idealized as an offensive unit. Additionally, Casey Corp Defense has recently received significant support and interest from the Raytheon “Pike Program” 40mm micro munition and Picatinny Arsenal Army CCDC-AC Medium Caliber 40mm division to develop a “Next Gen Fire Control Unit” which will put medium caliber munitions light years ahead of competition.