CLogic is a small woman-owned, developer and supplier of progressive armament technologies to the U.S. Army. We are an ISO 9001:2000 registered developer of Armament Products and a winner of three 2007 Army Invention of the Year Awards for our team efforts on the Gunner Protection Kit, the Picatinny Blast Shield, and the XM32 Abrams Reactive Armor Tile. Since 2002, CLogic has been committed to excellence in revolutionizing the armaments fabrication industry with a first-to-market, asset-light business management model utilizing unparalleled manufacturing technology to tackle ARDEC’s complex challenges.  CLogic, LLC has brought rapid prototyping/fielding of unique force protection solutions for the war fighter to the Army using precision manufacturing and optical processing technologies that provides the highest level of efficiency and turnaround time, while minimizing waste and scrap of key strategic raw materials. Advancements in optical processing and other unique technologies that CLogic, LLC has developed for DoD reactive armor manufacturing have brought together the ability to develop a number of next generation armament solutions rapidly and at lower costs. This includes laser cutting, robotic welding, automated forming and finishing operations that increase the survivability and corrosion resistance of our products.  Examples of prototypes produced include: electronic fire control hardware; vehicle integration kits; reactive, active, and passive armor tiles; performance enhancement add-ons; ballistic barriers; gun cradle, platform, mounting, and recoil assemblies; and prototype engineering , manufacturing, and energetics laboratories and facilities.

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