Cornerstone Research Group Inc. (CRG) conducts research and development, from molecule to manufacturing, in an array of markets. Providing technology and product development services, we have established a no-nonsense ability to invent breakthrough technology, bridge the proverbial “valley of death,” and deliver a viable product. Our core competencies are systems design, non-metallic advanced materials, and manufacturing process development. Our success stems from the way we couple our technological development with aggressive entrepreneurial business practices. We provide solutions, driving new technologies from early research through final production. We have the proven ability to commercialize products in a number of ways, including spinning off new independent divisions and companies focused on promising technologies mature enough to fulfill a customer’s specific needs. Each viable technology stemming from government SBIRs and other research programs has its own potential target market or target system for implementation. To address these diverse business needs and opportunities, we create independent divisions or even spin-off companies that focus on commercializing promising technologies. These spin-offs leverage millions of dollars in research and development of a product or system to support application in other business areas. The formation of a new company focuses on maturing a technology for specific customers. While our R&D services business model is to pursue innovative ideas and foster emerging technologies, some of which may not be realized for many years, the spin-off companies customize, refine, standardize, and market technologies that are ripe for implementation. These non-competitive spin-offs are designed to work with our current customers, complementing and supporting their business interests. They also provide involvement possibilities for angel and venture investors and opportunities for employees to pursue new career directions. 

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