Eikon Research has extensive experience in the development of radar and infrared sensor technology, radar signal/data processing algorithms, sensor data fusion, radar control processors, and sensor modeling and simulation. We specialize in developing signal processing and communication algorithms for advanced radar applications, such as distributed aperture radar and interferometry. Eikon has experience in integrating the radar hardware onto platforms. We are currently integrating a Ku-band Acquisition and Tracking System (KATS) radar on the Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser (MEHEL) laser platform. Eikon is developing the concept of a dual mode missile seeker system that includes a dual-band radar and an infrared sensor. Eikon is involved in the development of All-Digital Radar (ADR) technology. This is next generation radar technology that will be used to develop radars for future armament programs to include laser systems, missile systems, UAS platforms, sense and warning systems, and communication systems. We have extensive experience EO/IR sensor technology and image processing algorithm. Eikon has experience in development of cancer detection and discrimination from mammogram imagery. We have a patent in this area for breast cancer detection.

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