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Cobham Mission Systems has more than 50 years of experience in high pressure pneumatics, pyrotechnics, and cryogenic cooling. Within this vast pedigree in weapon and weapons carriage applications, Cobham has the unique ability to offer tip to tail control solutions from weapon ejection, target identification, and in-flight weapon control. Cobham designs and manufactures the critical systems that make weapons control and carriage systems a reality.

CeraNova Corporation, founded in 1992, specializes in process and product development of innovative, high technology ceramic materials. Since 2003, CeraNova has been developing transparent ceramics, with most of this effort focused on transparent optical ceramics for windows and domes to protect MWIR guidance sensors, including near-net shape forming processes for the production of hemispherical and aerodynamic dome blanks. Our technical approach to achieving transparent ceramics produces materials with high mechanical strength and high optical transmission, and enables conformal shapes. We have received funding from several Department of Defense agencies, and we have an established record of working successfully with Prime Contractors to provide prototype domes and test coupons for advanced evaluation. We actively seek application partners and commercialization opportunities for transitioning our technology developments to prototype and pilot-scale manufacturing.

Cerion, is a leading company in the field of nanoparticle research, development and manufacturing. Our company was born out of decades of experience creating nano photographic film emulsions at Kodak, and we are best known for our work developing ultra-small, non-agglomerated metals, oxides, and mixed metal nanoparticles. In addition to our research capability, we are one of the largest independent manufacturers of nanoparticles in North America, with current capacity to produce over 150 metric tons per annum. For more information, check out our website at

Chaos Gear Supply Group LLC (CGS) produces ultra-precise, custom built, bolt action and semi-automatic rifles. We also manufacture a full line of cutting edge firearm sound suppression devices or silencers innovatively designed and built using state of the art manufacturing processes. We are currently working toward fielding products in the dynamic entry technology market as well. CGS provides strategic design manufacturing and consulting services to commercial, not for profit, and government organizations. We can design, build and mobilize the right hardware, skills, and technologies to help organizations improve their performance. CGS is committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible end user based solutions for our clients.

Chemring Ordnance is a world leader in the manufacture of ammunition and pyrotechnic products. Chemring Ordnance is a center of excellence for the design, development and production of ordnance, pyrotechnic products, and other munition components for military, homeland security, and first responders. We manufacture all types of 40mm low and high velocity ammunition; pyrotechnic marking, signaling, and tactical illumination devices; battlefield effects simulators; hand grenade fuzes and other ammunition components such as large caliber electronic primers. We also provide load, assemble, and pack (LAP) services. We are a supplier to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other allied Ministries of Defense around the world. With more than 50 years’ experience in our field we have built a worldwide reputation for supplying high quality products – on time and to our customers' precise specifications. We are world leaders in pyrotechnic compositions, energetic materials, and illumination technology with established links to many of the recognized research and development centers and academic institutions in the USA and abroad. We have a highly experienced team of engineers and scientists who work with government and other industry partners to research and develop a wide range of pyrotechnic and high energy products. We work to the latest international standards such as MIL STDs, STANAGs, and ISO regulations. Particular emphasis for our military range of products is on IM compliance. Our design activities are carried out in accordance with our ISO 9001:2000 registration. We have an extensive portfolio of pyrotechnic products for defense and commercial applications.

For over twenty-nine (29) years, Choctaw Defense has provided a vast array of complex manufactured items to all branches of the United States Military, as well as numerous major Government contractors. Choctaw Defense is the Nation's leading Native American aerospace and defense manufacturer. Our superior track record includes a 20-year history of proven manufacturing success with military and prime contractor customers. Our three facilities are all ISO 9001:2008 certified and encompass over 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space and house state-of-the-art machinery and equipment that aid in our achieving quick turnaround time and quality end products that can range from low quantity short-run to high-volume long-term contracts. We excel as a precision metal fabrication, tool kitting, and wood fabrication manufacturer that is centrally located within scenic southeastern Oklahoma with locations in McAlester, Antlers, and Hugo. Choctaw Defense is 100% owned by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, the third largest Native American tribe in the United States. Choctaw Defense is certified by the Small Business Administration as a tribally owned 8(a) manufacturer.

Cintel, Inc. offers our customers nimble, unique and value-focused services and solutions with an emphasis on people, connectivity, communication and team work. Cintel is a small business that provides services and innovative solutions/products to government and commercial clients in the areas of modeling and simulation, energy and cybersecurity. The following are services and innovation capabilities within our areas of expertise:

CKS Technologies is a WOSB and non-traditional contractor specializing in structural and thermal analysis, engineering design and test planning, with niche expertise in fatigue/fracture, composite structural analysis, welded/bolted joint analysis, and transportation/handling of very large pieces of critical hardware.  CKS employs subject matter experts with up to 60 years of individual experience in all our areas of expertise, multiple Silver Snoopy recipients and multiple licensed Professional Engineers.  CKS has subcontracted for several large primes on DoD and NASA projects, including major components for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), a USSOCOM asset, and as a partner to the Aviation Engineering Directorate in the Aeromechanics Dynamics Group, where we perform analyses on several rotary-wing aircraft.

CLogic is a small woman-owned, developer and supplier of progressive armament technologies to the U.S. Army. We are an ISO 9001:2000 registered developer of Armament Products and a winner of three 2007 Army Invention of the Year Awards for our team efforts on the Gunner Protection Kit, the Picatinny Blast Shield, and the XM32 Abrams Reactive Armor Tile. Since 2002, CLogic has been committed to excellence in revolutionizing the armaments fabrication industry with a first-to-market, asset-light business management model utilizing unparalleled manufacturing technology to tackle ARDEC’s complex challenges.  CLogic, LLC has brought rapid prototyping/fielding of unique force protection solutions for the war fighter to the Army using precision manufacturing and optical processing technologies that provides the highest level of efficiency and turnaround time, while minimizing waste and scrap of key strategic raw materials. Advancements in optical processing and other unique technologies that CLogic, LLC has developed for DoD reactive armor manufacturing have brought together the ability to develop a number of next generation armament solutions rapidly and at lower costs. This includes laser cutting, robotic welding, automated forming and finishing operations that increase the survivability and corrosion resistance of our products.  Examples of prototypes produced include: electronic fire control hardware; vehicle integration kits; reactive, active, and passive armor tiles; performance enhancement add-ons; ballistic barriers; gun cradle, platform, mounting, and recoil assemblies; and prototype engineering , manufacturing, and energetics laboratories and facilities.

Colorado Engineering Inc. (CEI) is certified as a women’s business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of the businesses owned and operated by women in the U.S. It was founded in 2003 with engineering and production facilities located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. CEI supplies COTS hardware and software, as well as tailored solutions, working directly with government agencies and for commercial prime contractors, offering quick turn, innovative solutions with lower cost and higher quality while minimizing risk. CEI leads or partners on new radar systems, software and hardware projects, including leading edge efforts in MOSA applications, reconfigurable RF, THz EM propagation modeling, and associated remote sensing system development.

Combined Systems Inc. is well known in the defense industry as a customer centric engineering and manufacturing firm that has proven to be an excellent development partner for its customers. CSI has recently developed and deployed 40mm anti-personnel munitions, 12 gauge and 40mm Flare-Bang™ warning signal munitions, rapid dispersion irritant grenades, and thermite incendiary grenades. CSI holds numerous long-term U.S. military contracts for tactical munitions and pyrotechnic products such as the Venom™ multiple launch system, various caliber warning signal rounds, rocket components, 40mm impact rounds, the Sting-Ball grenade system and three separate fuze contracts for a variety of hand grenade products. CSI's military customers and development partners include the U.S. Army, USMC, U.S. Navy, USSOCOM, Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, U.S. Department of State, General Dynamics, L3 Communications, Rafael Armament Development Authority, Israeli Military Industries and many other top tier defense industry supporters. CSI has over 70 years of combined engineering, manufacturing and R&D experience in the munitions and pyrotechnics fields. CSI holds over 25 patents, has numerous patents pending and vigorously defends its intellectual property rights around the world. In addition to its military products, CSI markets its innovative line of less-lethal munitions, tactical munitions and crowd control products to domestic law enforcement agencies under its law enforcement brand name, CTS. CSI also supports its wide base of international military and law enforcement customers with its line of non-lethal munitions. CSI engineers and manufactures military and law enforcement products in the UNITED STATES and follows strict proprietary procedures in order to promote product SAFETY and RELIABILITY — all with COMPETITIVE PRICING in mind.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization providing innovative management and technology-based solutions to government and industry. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, CTC's primary purpose is to undertake activities that serve the public interest.

Consult M and P LLC (CMP) is a boutique consulting firm based out of New York, NY providing polymer chemistry and materials expertise. We are a Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) that services a wide range of industries, which use different types of materials to serve their needs and those of their costumers and clients. We specialize in knowledge in polymer chemistry, ceramics, metals, amongst others. Our aim is to lower production costs, increasing effectiveness and quality while decreasing sensitivity to unplanned stimuli.

Control Solutions LLC is engaged in developing and manufacturing protection and survivability systems for government customers. In particular, the company works closely with DoD organizations such as Armament Research, Development And Engineering Center (ARDEC) Picatinny, NJ and the Tank and Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), Detroit, MI along with major vehicle and survivability OEM's. The company has a focus on manned turret systems and power door assists for military vehicles. The key technologies and products the company brings to these applications include: motor controls, battery charging systems, software development, and electro - hydraulic - mechanical systems. Research is ongoing into inductive power transfer, turret slip rings, precision position sensors, 360 degree vision, system remote control and automation.

Cornerstone Research Group Inc. (CRG) conducts research and development, from molecule to manufacturing, in an array of markets. Providing technology and product development services, we have established a no-nonsense ability to invent breakthrough technology, bridge the proverbial "valley of death," and deliver a viable product. Our core competencies are systems design, non-metallic advanced materials, and manufacturing process development. Our success stems from the way we couple our technological development with aggressive entrepreneurial business practices. We provide solutions, driving new technologies from early research through final production. We have the proven ability to commercialize products in a number of ways, including spinning off new independent divisions and companies focused on promising technologies mature enough to fulfill a customer’s specific needs. Each viable technology stemming from government SBIRs and other research programs has its own potential target market or target system for implementation. To address these diverse business needs and opportunities, we create independent divisions or even spin-off companies that focus on commercializing promising technologies. These spin-offs leverage millions of dollars in research and development of a product or system to support application in other business areas. The formation of a new company focuses on maturing a technology for specific customers. While our R&D services business model is to pursue innovative ideas and foster emerging technologies, some of which may not be realized for many years, the spin-off companies customize, refine, standardize, and market technologies that are ripe for implementation. These non-competitive spin-offs are designed to work with our current customers, complementing and supporting their business interests. They also provide involvement possibilities for angel and venture investors and opportunities for employees to pursue new career directions.

Cruz Associates, Inc. (CAI) is a minority-owned, small business headquartered in Yorktown, VA with over 24 years of proven experience in providing extensive technical support services to the United States Army and Navy.  CAI and its over 170 employees worldwide, have the proven skills and experience to provide value added services to support Department of Defense (DoD) agencies in meeting their operational objectives.  Services include the full spectrum of leadership, technical and management skills necessary to support strategic planning initiatives, technology integration, engineering, logistics and operational safety.  Specific functional capabilities include the following: Acquisition and Life-Cycle Management, Program Management and Integration, Resource Management and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, Concept and Requirements Development, Test and Evaluation Planning and Management, Field Service Support and Engineering, Integrated Logistics Support, Explosives, Ordnance and Safety Services, and Risk Management and System Safety.

Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-voltage capacitors and electronic assemblies. Serving the military, aerospace, industrial, commercial and medical markets since their inception Customs’ products have been involved with some of the world’s most demanding applications from aircraft power supplies to missile detonation systems. Strict quality standards and superior workmanship set CEI apart from the rest and have made their name synonymous with the terms dependability, reliability and high-performance. Over 45 years of design experience gives the CEI staff the know-how and confidence to deliver all of your electronic needs from customized capacitor solutions and highly complex bus bar assemblies to tailored electromagnetic components and printed circuit board population.

D&G Machine Products, Inc. D&G Machine is a full-service Precision Machining, Precision Welding, and Fabrication Center. Our capabilities and support services include Quality Management, Project Management, and assembly support of high volume complex programs / projects. From their facilities in Westbrook, Maine, D&G Machine offers a complete range of services from product concept to fabrication. D&G Machine employs highly trained designers who use sophisticated engineering component modeling software to produce the best product concepts in the least amount of time. D&G Machine is an AS9100, ISO-9001:2000 registered company. Industry standards are rigorously applied to all products as an integral part of their manufacturing process and they keep a licensed professional engineer on staff. D&G Machine has extensive experience in prototype manufacturing of critical military hardware and has a total of (110) employees at both of their locations. Their manufacturing facilities, including the plant in Westbrook, Maine have full production capability from technical data package receipt to reducing the cost and enhancing quality, to successful first article testing (FAT) to meet the large quantity production. D&G material capabilities include Titanium and have provided the U.S. Army (ARDEC WSEC) with titanium parts for the M24A1 Machine Gun Mount, M240 Bipod, and ALAS Drive Train parts.

Founded in 1901, Day & Zimmermann (D&Z) is a privately-held, century-old corporation.; The thriving munitions portion of the business has spanned many decades of delivering quality products and services to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and defense systems contractors and other private industry, both domestic and abroad. Until recent closure decisions as a result of BRAC 2005 (Base Realignment and Closure), Day & Zimmermann successfully operated the Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant at Texarkana, Texas for almost 60 years and the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant at Parsons, Kansas for almost 40 years. In addition, approximately 90 miles east of Texarkana, D&Z has a commercial munitions manufacturing facility located in an industrial park at Camden, Arkansas. The primary mission at these sites today is the Load, Assembly, and Pack (LAP) of finished munitions products or components.

DE Technologies, Inc. (DET) is a minority-owned, disadvantaged, small business located in the Philadelphia, PA area. We are a full-service engineering organization specializing in the design, development, manufacture, and test & evaluation of explosive warheads, kinetic-energy penetrators, and armor protection systems; and the computer-aided design and analysis of innovative metallic and composite structures for both military and commercial applications. DET is a renowned leader in the field of ballistic design and development. Our capabilities span the entire spectrum of ballistic development, from basic research through armor and warhead design, to the fabrication and evaluation of developed items.

deciBel Research, Inc. is a small business founded in 2002, specializing in research, development, and integration of radar systems and sensor technologies. We focus on designing, developing, integrating, testing and fielding advanced radar/sensor system concepts, algorithms and applications.  Our core competencies include high fidelity modeling and simulation, threat engineering, sensor system design and performance analysis, sensor algorithm design and testing, mission planning, sensor data exploitation, sensor fusion, and sensor test support.  deciBel Research’s primary customers include MDA; US Army PEO MS, SMDC/ARSTRAT and AMRDEC; US Air Force NASIC, AFLCMC and SMC; and DIA MSIC. We are headquartered in Huntsville, AL with a presence in Dayton, OH and Colorado Springs, CO.

Founded in 1996, DECISIVE ANALYTICS is a Veteran Owned Small Business providing innovative solutions to complex problems for the Department of Defense, other Federal Agencies, the intelligence community, and commercial clients. As an employee owned company, we have been honored to be an award-winning organization earning numerous workplace accolades reflecting our dedication to our customers as well as to our family-friendly and community-involved culture. Our areas of expertise are: Systems Engineering, Space data processing, Space Superiority, Cyber Security, Machine Learning applied to “big data” processing and analysis, and Radar design, fabrication, and testing.

Defense Engineering Services, formed in August of 2013, was created to serve the growing need for flexible, competent engineering resources in the defense and security industry. We are a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) and Non-traditional Defense Contractor (NDC). Our core competency is mechanical engineering for military, defense and security applications. We have particular expertise in projectile, EFP, shaped charge, and buried charge defeat, and engineering surrogate charges for testing. DES is comprised of a team of highly skilled engineers led by Mr. Robert Cole and Mr. Greg Gordon. The team has over 80 years of combined experience in mechanical engineering, MIL-SPEC engineering, manufacturing, research and development, and automotive engineering.

Design West Technologies, Inc., (DWT), is a precision manufacturing company for Defense and commercial customers, headquartered in Southern California near John Wayne Airport. In secure multi-plant facilities (totaling over 90,000 sqft) populated with state of the art automated manufacturing equipment in Orange County and San Diego, CA., DWT demonstrates superior performance building components and subsystems for their customer base. DWT has received over 40 (DoD) contracts and has shipped over 1.25 million parts to Government and Commercial customers for Weapon Systems-CBRN Systems-Aerospace Systems- & Commercial products. DWT is a certified SDB by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

DRS Network & Imaging Systems (NIS), LLC is an operating company of Leonardo DRS. DRS NIS designs and manufactures defense electronic systems for ground Combat and Tactical vehicles. The DRS NIS systems include: Tactical Computing & Networking Systems, On-Board Power: Generation / Management / Distribution / Storage, On-Board Power Generation & Energy Storage for Directed Energy Mission Equipment Packages, Combat Vehicle Embedded Diagnostics, Advanced Electro-Optical Sensor Systems, and Ground Combat Vehicle Sensor Fusion Systems. DRS NIS has also been directly involved with enhancing combat/tactical vehicle performance, mobility, readiness, fuel efficiency, stealth capability, electric power, and survivability for over 35 years.

Leonardo DRS is a prime contractor, leading technology innovator and supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and defense contractors worldwide. The company specializes in a wide range of electro-optical/infrared systems, naval and maritime systems, ground combat mission command and network computing, global satellite communications and network infrastructure, avionics systems, and intelligence and security solutions. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Leonardo DRS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leonardo S.p.A., which employs more than 45,000 people worldwide. For our full range of capabilities, visit our website or Twitter @drstechnologies.

DRS Technologies, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A., is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and prime contractors worldwide. Focused on defense technology, the Company develops, manufactures and supports a broad range of systems for mission critical and military sustainment requirements, as well as homeland security.The Company has been recognized as one of the fastest growing defense technology companies in the world and holds leading market positions in (among other areas) thermal imaging devices, precision targeting and fire control systems, combat display workstations, electronic sensor systems, power systems, rugged computer systems, as well as the systems integration of these technologies on relevant combat and tactical platforms.

Dynamic Air Engineering and its affiliated companies produce a wide range of products ranging from air moving, environmental control and motion control components to small arms, non-lethal munitions carriers and sound signature suppression equipment. Our products are used on a wide variety of armored ground vehicles and airborne systems around the world. From our main headquarters in Santa Ana, California, we can provide a full service engineering solution from a clean sheet of paper through to supply of qualified production hardware. We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our engineering knowledge and endeavor to work with our partners very early in their design cycle so we can provide true value for money and measurable return on investment. Our goal is to provide the utmost in quality and service to our customers whether on a singular development contract or on a multi-year production opportunity.


Dynamic Structures and Materials, LLC (DSM) offers products and technical services, with a focus in high performance actuators and specialized motion control. In addition to conventional electromagnetic actuators, DSM has expertise in piezoelectric (PZT) and other smart materials actuators. Some of our capabilities include non-magnetic construction and immunity to high magnetic field, superior SWaP, zero backlash, high bandwidth, setback survival to over 30,000 G, and other features needed in guided munitions. DSM also produces actuator drive electronics and has a shop suitable for prototype and production volumes. Our experienced design staff takes pride in its efficiency and customer focus.

As an industry leader in missile technologies, Dynetics provides support to the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy, as well as other government agencies. Our capabilities in system development include advanced seeker technologies, EO/IR/RF sensors, aerodynamics, GNC, enhanced-lethality warhead design, ISR, electronic support measures, system simulation, and more. Our expertise enables us to respond quickly to meet urgent needs: Our participation in the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) system development and deployment exemplifies this agility.

EaglePicher Technologies, LLC, an OMG company, is the leading producer of batteries and energetic devices for the defense, space and commercial industries, and provides the most experience and broadest capability in battery electrochemistry of any battery supplier in the United States. EaglePicher Technologies offers a wide range of battery technology including thermal, nickel hydrogen, lithium carbonmonofluoride, lithium thionyl chloride, lithium manganese dioxide, lithium sulfur dioxide, lithium ion, reserve lithium oxyhalide, custom battery assemblies and silver zinc batteries. It also provides other energy products and pyrotechnic devices for the defense industry, as well as advanced battery chargers and other power solutions for business, industrial and recreational applications. EaglePicher Technologies is headquartered in Joplin, Missouri, and is an AS9100 certified supplier.

Eikon Research has extensive experience in the development of radar and infrared sensor technology, radar signal/data processing algorithms, sensor data fusion, radar control processors, and sensor modeling and simulation. We specialize in developing signal processing and communication algorithms for advanced radar applications, such as distributed aperture radar and interferometry. Eikon has experience in integrating the radar hardware onto platforms. We are currently integrating a Ku-band Acquisition and Tracking System (KATS) radar on the Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser (MEHEL) laser platform. Eikon is developing the concept of a dual mode missile seeker system that includes a dual-band radar and an infrared sensor. Eikon is involved in the development of All-Digital Radar (ADR) technology. This is next generation radar technology that will be used to develop radars for future armament programs to include laser systems, missile systems, UAS platforms, sense and warning systems, and communication systems. We have extensive experience EO/IR sensor technology and image processing algorithm. Eikon has experience in development of cancer detection and discrimination from mammogram imagery. We have a patent in this area for breast cancer detection.

Electronics Development Corporation (EDC) is a small business located in Columbia, MD. For over 20 years, EDC has specialized in the design and development of advanced ordnance electronics in particular proximity fuzes, height of burst sensors (HOBS), electromechanical and electronic S&A devices, and fuze setters. Associated technologies include shock-hardened telemetry and on-board data recorders, sensor system design, and special test equipment for the evaluation of fuzing systems.

Elmet Technologies is a fully-integrated manufacturer of the molybdenum, tungsten and their alloys. These metals are used in a wide range of defense applications including kinetic energy penetrators, fragmentation sleeves, missile main and pre-charges, radar components, x-ray shielding, high reliability electronics and others. Elmet’s manufacturing begins with chemical precursors to molybdenum and tungsten which are reduced in house to pure metal powders. We then follow powder metallurgy processes to dope (if needed), press, sinter, roll, and swage the materials into fully dense mill products. We have industry leading fabrication, assembly and machining capabilities. Our lathes, VMCs and other equipment have large work envelopes and manufacture with industry-leading precision. All processing takes place at our 220,000 square foot Lewiston, Maine plant under the supervision of our experienced engineering team. We employ over 220 professionals including 30 engineers and metallurgists. Our well-equipped on-site lab supports both production and R&D activities. Elmet is a US-owned small business with over 85 years of molybdenum and tungsten production experience. Our quality systems are AS9100 certified.

ELTA North America is a global leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of innovative electronic systems for the United States government. These proven high performance systems, and a focus on customer satisfaction, are the foundations of the company’s commitment to provide solutions to the nation’s warfighters, security personnel and first responders. The company provides solutions in the ground, maritime, airborne, counter UAS, counter ISR and security domains. ELTA North America is located in Annapolis Junction, MD. We are proudly partnered with ELTA Systems Ltd, Israel’s leading defense company and Center of Excellence for advanced radars and integrated solutions.

EMPI is an employee owned company founded for the purpose of developing and commercializing advanced energetic formulations and products enabled by recent advances in metal-based energetic materials. Our novel energetic materials are designed to provide significant performance and functionality gains for applications where tunable, high-mass and high-energy density energetic materials with desirable IM and environmental characteristics are required. EMPI has developed a new class of explosive materials, which have higher energy densities and use the power of nanoenergetics to tailor explosive energy release in space and time in ways that conventional, organic explosives cannot. EMPI has also developed a new class of tunable reactive materials (RM) based on nanometer and micrometer length-scale metals and special metal and organic oxidizers that are more versatile than conventional reactive materials. The Green Energetics market is driven by the need for environmentally friendly and safer solutions to replace lead and perchlorate based compounds for commercial and defense applications. Green solutions are highly sought for pyrotechnics and primary explosives as well as electric igniters and primers replacing existing materials which pose severe environmental hazards beginning with the manufacturing process through end use applications.

EnerSys, the world’s largest industrial battery company, is a US owned corporation with its headquarters in Reading, PA. With revenues of approximately $2 billion in FY09, EnerSys has customers in over 100 countries and employs over 7,000 people. Battery products for motive power, reserve power, and aerospace and defense are manufactured in 22 facilities on 3 continents. EnerSys’ technologies include lead-acid, nickel based, lithium-ion, lithium oxyhalide, and thermal batteries. 

Founded in 1988, Engineering Research and Consulting, Inc. (ERC) is an engineering and scientific services company providing independent assessment support, IT support, and operation s and maintenance (O&M) support to Department of Defense and NASA customers in five states. ERC provides support to every phase of the developmental/acquisition life cycle of advanced military and space systems, including research and development, test and evaluation, and system sustainment support. Capabilities include:

No other company can match the range of innovative energetic solutions that we’ve manufactured; this breadth of energetics application and technology is the foundation on which our success—and yours—rests. Satellites delivered into orbit, precision-guided weapons facing one shot/one kill requirements, pilots ejecting under critical circumstances—these are energetic components and systems at work. Such systems require minimal collateral damage. They require solutions optimized for performance, weight, cost, and size. EBA&D has served the aerospace community since the earliest days of strategic missile and launch vehicle technology. Linear Shaped Charge was first manufactured by EBA&D in 1957, and remains a core separation, severance, and flight termination component. EBA&D’s explosive signal transfer lines are the standard in the US launch vehicle industry. EBA&D products are used on essentially all US launch vehicle fairing separation systems, as well as motor ignition and booster separation. Today, our products are aligned with future combat system requirements: agility, ease-of-deployment, supportability, survivability, lethality, and flexibility. From a single component to an intricate system, our broad capabilities allow us to continue our heritage of developing solutions to whatever application challenges a customer presents. EBA&D continues to evolve energetic solutions for emerging defense requirements.

Eutectix manufactures superalloys, master alloys, bulk metallic glass, NdFeB , SmCo and other magnetic materials, hydrogen storage alloys, rare earth metal alloys and rare earth metals. Its large scale capabilities include, inert atmosphere grinding of metal powders, vacuum induction melting to produce high purity alloys, vacuum annealing, hydriding, strip casting, melt spinning and lab scale atomizing for additive materials. Eutectix also processes custom battery electrodes. Eutectix is the only domestic facility capable of industrial scale conversion of rare earth fluorides and oxides to rare earth metals. Eutectix is ISO 9001 certified.

EWI is the leading engineering and technology organization in North America dedicated to developing, testing and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies for industry. Since 1984, we have provided applied research, manufacturing support, and strategic services to leaders in the aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronics, medical, energy & chemical, government, and heavy manufacturing industries. By matching our expertise to the needs of forward-thinking manufacturers, our technology team serves as a valuable extension of our clients’ innovation and R&D teams to provide premium, game-changing solutions that deliver a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.