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For more than 70 years, Kaman Precision Products (KPP), a division of Kaman Aerospace, has been a leader in the development and manufacture of safing and arming solutions for the ordnance industry. We offer a wide range of services, from research and development to full-scale production, for safe & arm devices, fuzes, motor igniters, flight termination devices, and related equipment.

Keysight Technologies is a large non-Traditional contractor and a world leader in electronic test and measurement solutions that expand across the aerospace and defense (A&D) ecosystem enabling the backbone of defense innovation.  The Internet, wireless communications, satellites, space, navigation, and electrification all evolved from A&D.  Pushing the boundaries of technical limitations requires a combination of in-depth knowledge and imagination to explore these new possibilities.  We help fuel leading-edge technology innovations in A&D that enable commercial applications, which in turn open new areas of innovation back into A&D.  We have expertise in electronic warfare, military communications, space & satellite, radar, signal monitoring, cyber, network security, and field test.

Machinery Design & Fabrication

Kilgore Flares Company, LLC ("Kilgore”) has developed and produced a variety of countermeasure, signaling and marker pyrotechnic devices for the United States Government service branches and select foreign governments for over fifty (50) years. These items have been produced in accordance with USG, allied government and Kilgore’s own proprietary technical data packages (TDP).

Kord Technologies, LLC., headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, is a woman-owned small business providing engineering, information technology, training, and programmatic support solutions to NASA, DoD and DHS. Founded in 2008, Kord has achieved steady growth and employs personnel in Huntsville, AL; Mobile, AL; Aberdeen, MD; Fort Hood, TX; Nellis AFB, NV and the national capital region supporting the US Army, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Missile Defense Agency, US Air Force, and the Department of Homeland Security. Kord offers a wide range of services including Systems Engineering, Installation Management, Information Technology, Threat Systems Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Software Engineering, Scientific Research and Development, Optical Engineering, and Program Management.

Kratos Defense & Rocket Support Services (KDRSS) is known throughout joint services for providing top notch engineering, programmatic, and technical support services. The KDRSS Division has extensive experience providing program and acquisition management, range operations and mission support for key DoD programs. KDRSS provides full spectrum system engineering, test and evaluation, and technical services support for multiple weapon system development/improvement programs at NSWC Dahlgren some of which include: Railgun, Dragon Spear, Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) Gun & Missile Mission Modules, the Northern Border Initiative and the Battle Management System (BMS) program . KDRSS also plans, conducts and manages range operations support providing technical services in designing, developing, coordinating, and executing Test and Evaluation (T&E) programs for lot acceptance test (LAT), first article test (FAT), performance, characterization, lethality, vulnerability, integration, hazardous assessment, safety, and other testing as required to determine/evaluate the suitability of explosive and non-explosive components and weapons systems.

Kyma Technologies is a privately held small company with two close by facilities located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. Kyma is a leading supplier of crystalline wide & ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor (U/WBGS) materials, including GaN, AlGaN, AlN, Ga2O3, and diamond. Kyma also supplies large area crystalline graphene and a number of metallic thin films including Cu and Al. Kyma has decades of experience in designing & fabricating crystal growth tools & processes based on plasma vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) for Kyma’s own use and for select customers. Kyma also offers GaN based photoconductive semiconductor switch (PCSS) devices and is actively developing GaN FINFET and GaN photodiode devices for proprietary customers. Kyma has a full machine shop for internal needs and to make specialty parts for others.

L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems (L-3 FOS) L-3 FOS, formed in 2009 from the merger of two legacy L-3 divisions — KDI Precision Products and BT Fuze Products, confronts today’s technological challenges by devoting our resources, experience and expertise to fuzing and ordnance for the U.S. and our international military allies.

L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation (IEC) is a recognized leader in the development and production of advanced systems and products for military navigation systems. L-3 IEC Navigation Systems’ portfolio includes GPS Selective Availability and Anti-Spoof modules (SAASM) technology, GPS fast acquisition receivers, GPS digital translators, and GPS denied systems. In addition, L-3 IEC Navigation Systems provides subsystems, board level products, components and precision location enabling technology used in a wide variety of weapons and systems, including warheads and ordnance.

Mustang exploits modern technologies to provide state-of-the-art radar performance at mass-market prices. Their team includes nationally-recognized experts in designing and developing weapon systems, RF systems, antennas, phased-array antenna systems, advanced missile systems and seekers, radar and anti-radiation homing (ARH) modes of operation and imaging infrared (IIR) systems.

Adaptive Methods provides Command and Control solutions, Advanced Sensor Design and Processing solutions, and Autonomy Solutions, in support of detect and engage operations. The company’s skill sets include system engineering, SW development, SW/HW integration and Mechanical subsystem design, fabrication and low rate production. The company has offices in Centreville VA, Rockville MD, Newport RI, Keyport WA and Clearwater FL.

L3 ComCept is a division of the Aerospace Segment of New York-based L3. L3 ComCept specializes in system-of-systems network integration, data reduction/data mining/information superiority, big data analytics, modeling, simulation, systems integration and antenna/beamforming solutions. We are defining and developing networking concepts that greatly enhance the utility of our nation's airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms.

Lancer believes that every product it engineers should provide a significant, relevant improvement to performance. It's an engineering company that uses advanced technologies, many proprietary, to enhance performance not just in the gun industry, but in aerospace, defense, pump, oil & gas, etc. Lancer is re-defining what it means to reduce weight and dissipate heat in modern weapons - polymer magazines and a growing line of carbon fiber components, as examples - while always exceeding military standards. The company uses advanced technologies and gathers feedback directly from end users to develop relevant, easy-to-implement products that improve shooting performance and reliability for Soldiers, law enforcement officers, and consumers.

Laser Techniques Company, LLC is the industry leader in laser-based measurement and inspection systems. LTC is changing the way gun tubes and bores are measured by using laser-based sensors for non-destructive inspections and testing. A product of LTC’s Defense Systems Group, the BEMIS™ Bore Erosion Measurement Inspection System is designed for use by field operators, maintenance, manufacturing and testing facilities. BEMIS™ laser-based inspection systems and sensors detect and measure difficult-to-inspect features such as erosion, corrosion, asymmetrical wear and deformation in gun tubes, rifle barrels and mortar systems from 5.56mm to 155mm.

LaserMaxDefense (LMD) is a manufacturer of weapons-mounted and handheld lasers, markers and beacons, specializing in quantum cascade laser, diode laser and solid state laser technology.  LMD is the provider to the US Army for the M17/M18 PAiL program. × Founded in 1989, over one million lasers to the defense and security, industrial electro-optic and commercial markets × Women-owned small business WOSB (8m) × US owned, all LMD employees are US citizens × Support to DoD: US Army, USSOCOM

Lehigh University has a strong focus on use-inspired research, informed by industry involvement and largely aligned under three Interdisciplinary Research Institutes: (1) The Institute for Functional Materials and Devices with expertise in synthesis, fabrication, processing, and characterization of materials, and including accessible user facilities; (2) The Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems, and Computation with expertise in machine learning, probabilistic modeling, high-performance computing, signal and image processing, modeling and simulation; (3) The Institute for Cyber–Physical Infrastructure and Energy with expertise in smart infrastructure, energy delivery, cybersecurity, and infrastructure systems risk and resilience. Lehigh can support NAC-DOTC interests in areas such as: Polymers and composites, Ceramics, Metals, metal forming, welding/joining, Lightweight carbon fiber and composite structures, Functional materials for sensors and electronics, Battery/fuel cell materials and technology, Advanced/Additive Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, Optimization of reliability, performance, and cost, and Tribology/wear.

Leidos has a strong commitment to supporting programs of national importance – helping to solve or undertake our country’s most significant problems. We offer a broad range of services and products to address our customers’ most complex and critical technology-related needs. These services include the following:

Liberty Consulting Solutions (LCS) is a Veteran-Owned Small Business. With a strong background in DoD, DHS and First Responders, LCS provides consulting solutions for industry and government. The solutions LCS provides range from the strategic to the tactical, from Operations to Logistics and from Program Management to Business Process Improvement.

At Lockheed Martin, we specialize in providing solutions to the most complex and challenging technological issues imaginable. To address these issues, we have built a company with unparalleled technological depth. Our Lean 21 discipline drives out waste while our focus on Six Sigma and service level commitments ensure the lowest cost with the highest level of performance. And our program management skills will get the job done consistently and efficiently. Lockheed Martin's Continuous Appraisal Method (CAM) Definition document is also available. The Lockheed Martin team has the largest concentration of software expertise you'll find anywhere, and our clients tell us they choose us because of our experience and expertise. Our technology with engineering discipline to meet their tough business challenges, leads to our total commitment to their success.

Logistics Engineering and Systems Integration Services, LLC provides Systems Engineering, Research and Design, and Integration solutions, Demilitarization and Life Cycle Logistics Engineering expertise, technical and Program Management support from product inception through disposal.

Lynntech is a technology development company that has been active in the SBIR community since 1987. Currently employing more than 100 people, the company specializes in new energy systems for DOD applications. Notably and among many other projects, the company is developing a new reserve battery for electronic fuzing, improved capacitors that will be used in munitions applications, new additive manufacturing techniques for energetics, and 3D printing of pyrotechnic material for flares and countermeasures. Lynntech’s current 75,000 foot space includes laboratory facilities occupying 45,000 sq-ft, 30,000 sq-ft of office space and conference areas with additional room available for expansion. Technical capabilities include general chemistry laboratory space, an analytical chemistry laboratory, an electronics shop, a state-of-the-art machining, prototype fabrication facility, electrochemical system assembly area, and several high bay areas where scale-up hardware can be assembled for testing and evaluation.

Mad Minute designs and produces an innovative line of suppressors for small arms. We employee a patented design that utilizes a unique energy conversion mechanism that converts pressure in the barrel from the fired round into mechanical/kinetic energy within the suppressor. We also utilize a spiral cut centerpiece under tension that not only allows evacuation of barrel gas and pressure reduction, but also enhances rigidity of the suppressor. This internal tension enables superior performance under extreme firing conditions while creating a sound signature that is fundamentally different than all other suppressors. The integrated technologies suppress every critical parameter of operational interest to include sound, heat/flash, pressure, recoil, and blowback. These design features are scalable to larger and much larger caliber weapons and extensible to the most extreme firing rates and conditions. Mad Minute designs have been demonstrated under extreme conditions and offer the armaments industry a collection of technologies that will create the leap in suppression performance required of our next-generation systems and expected future operational scenarios.

Mainstream Engineering Corporation has been developing and manufacturing advanced thermal control systems since 1986. Areas of expertise include complete thermal control systems, energy conversion devices, heat transfer, fluid flow, thermodynamics, mechanics, chemistry, materials, nano-technology and new emerging technologies. Mainstream is currently providing solutions to NASA, DOD, DOE, DOT, DOC, and industry. The company has been involved with several Directed Energy Weapons programs and provided Thermal Management Systems (TMS) for a number of these initiatives. By way of example, most recently, we developed an integrated system for an optical laser demonstrator. Our TMS was designed to remove heat from the laser subsystem (through an intermediate heat exchanger with a two-phased pumped loop), from the beam control system, environmental loads, and the electrical power subsystem. Our TMS used a vapor-compression (i.e., refrigeration) cycle to provide cooling in basic, hot, and cold climates in accordance with AR 70-38 and MIL-HDBK-310. The system acquired heat through our laser subsystem evaporator, vehicle platform evaporator, and other subsystem evaporators and rejected the heat through two rear-door-mounted condensers. Our twin-screw compressors, which we developed under a concurrent DARPA contract, comprised the compressor subassembly and served as prime movers. Innovative TMS of these weapons systems has long been a challenge to optimization of their performance.

Management Services Group, Inc., doing business as (dba) Global Technical Systems (GTS) provides advanced ordnance engineering products and services for the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and other US Government conventional and special weapons customers. We provide cradle-to-grave ordnance and weapons engineering services spanning research, concept development, design, modeling and simulation, prototyping, test and evaluation, low-rate/full-production, logistics and sustainment. Our innovative, cost-effective, high-tech engineering services, products and product-based support services encompass the latest generation software and hardware for new weapon systems and legacy weapon product improvement programs.

Now in our 50th year, ManTech is the trusted partner supporting America’s mission-critical national and homeland security programs. We proudly serve the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, the Space Community, and federal civilian agencies that include the Departments of State, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation – and many other agencies through some 900 contracts. We tailor best-in-class technologies to meet their needs in full-spectrum cyber, data collection & analytics and enterprise IT, crafted by world-leading experts in systems and software engineering. For more information on ManTech, please go to

Founded in 1943, Marotta Controls is a fully integrated solutions provider which designs, develops, qualifies and manufactures innovative systems and sub-systems for the aerospace and defense sectors. Our portfolio includes pressure, power, motion, fluid, and electronic controls for weapon systems, shipboard applications, satellites, launch vehicles, and aircraft systems. With over 200 patents, Marotta continues to build on its legacy as a highly respected, family-owned company based in the state of New Jersey.

MaTech focuses its skills and capabilities in areas that ultimately support our customers’ requirements to manufacture high quality, cost effective products in both the military and commercial marketplaces.

Materials Research & Design (MR&D) is a small business that provides research and design services to the advanced materials community. Typical programs at MR&D focus on the simultaneous design of material and structure to optimize component cost, weight, or structural performance. Additional areas of interest focus upon research into the behavior of composite materials and the development of micromechanical models to analyze and understand observed properties. The analytical approach employed by MR&D is based upon a practical understanding of engineering issues founded upon a strong background of theoretical mechanics. In the area of armament technologies, MR&D has been active, through ONR and SBIR funding, in the development of materials and designs for electromagnetic rail gun (EMRG) projectiles. The work has included arc jet tests of projectile nosetips and sub scale rail gun tests of aft skirt materials.

Materials Sciences Corporation (MSC) is a small business headquartered in southeastern Pennsylvania that has provided engineering services to the composites industry since 1970. As a recognized leader in the design, analysis and testing of composite materials and structures, MSC is committed to excellence in all stages of the engineering development cycle: research, design, analysis, testing and prototyping. MSC’s core competencies include composite material development, specialty manufacturing and testing, and product design. MSC has participated in numerous programs that demonstrate the ability to: perform advanced composite design, analysis and testing; provide overall program management; work in a team environment; and transition new product development to the military and commercial sectors. MSC's corporate mission has expanded steadily beyond basic research and development to include transitioning of advanced material technologies from the research laboratory into innovative new products and applications. This commitment is demonstrated through increased staffing and a more than 3-fold expansion of facilities to enable in-house manufacturing and testing of advanced composite materials and structures.

MATSYS, Inc. works on the design and processing of new structural reactive materials. We have developed reactive powder formulations to meet the requirements for structural reactive materials on density, strength and energy release. Using our unique capability to monitor powder consolidation during Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) in real time, we are able to densify blends of reactive powders into fully dense bulk reactive material safely and cost effectively. We have also demonstrated the feasibility of fabrication of "scored” reactive cases for fragmenting warheads and developed the technology for net shape forming of complex shapes.

Maxim Defense is a defense development company aiming to give our military and first responders the next generation of tools and equipment to succeed in today's most extreme environments. The company primarily engages in small arms manufacturing focusing R&D on producing better, lighter, more reliable weapons and accessories. As an industrial-design-centered organization, Maxim seeks to improve and enhance existing weapons platforms alongside developing cutting-edge technologies for redefining the future. Maxim is headquartered in St. Cloud, MN. To learn more, please visit and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. @maximdefense

MaxPower, Inc. offers research, development, prototype, and small production services of Lithium and Lithium-ion batteries to the government, medical, automotive, aerospace, and military industries.

MBDA Missile Systems is the world’s leading company that specializes in missiles and missile systems. MBDA Incorporated, a US Company, leverages the best of MBDA Missile Systems’ global expertise, products, and technical innovation to meet the needs of the US warfighter. With products like the Dual Mode Brimstone missile, Viper-E munition and Diamond Back Wing Kits for the Small Diameter Bomb, MBDA Incorporated provides integrated solutions from systems engineering through full production.

For 15 years,MJLM Engineering and Technical Services’ (MJLM) has provided Engineering and Sustainment services to the Defense market. Our goal is to provide lifecycle logistics solutions that are innovative,cost-effective,and quality driven.  We specialize in Test,Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) maintenance and development. TMDE prototypes produced by MJLM are included in the US Army inventory to improve system reliability,availability, maintainability, and overall readiness.

Are you an Aerospace & Defense Program Manager or Project Engineer in search of capable, reliable and affordable mechanical engineering support? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At McCormick Stevenson Engineering + Design we offer a wide range of mechanical engineering expertise; from deep systems engineering to routine drafting and design, and everything in-between. We help you reduce your program risk through clear requirements definition, firm-fixed-price engagements, and the immediate application of a qualified & experienced staff; a staff armed with our own well-honed engineering tool-set. All of this is delivered at competitive small-business prices, with a focus on schedule, and an eagerness to work together with your team to ensure success. We stand ready to help.

Incorporated in 1947, McLaughlin Research Corporation (MRC) is a family-owned, small business defense contractor that provides technical services to U.S. Navy Research and Development centers for submarine and surface combatant weapon, sensor, and command and control system programs in the following core competency areas: Systems Engineering and Technical Services; Computer-Aided Design and Drafting; Integrated Logistics Support; Configuration Management; Program and Financial Management; Environmental and Safety Compliance, Infrastructure, and Management; Information Assurance and Cyber Security; Technical Documentation; Multimedia Graphics and Communication; and Training. In May 2016, the Small Business Administration honored MRC as the SBA’s 2016 National Prime Contractor of the Year.

Since 1942, McNally Industries has served the United States Department of Defense and the world’s largest prime contractors with hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical systems as well as complex, precision machined components for critical defense and aerospace systems. McNally is a full-service manufacturer providing product design and testing as well as build-to-print manufacturing. Our strength in design engineering coupled with extensive manufacturing experience provides a unique capability for product development. We offer full engineering services, including original design or re-engineering of legacy systems. Our focus is on supplying our Warfighters with the parts they need today while developing the solutions they will need tomorrow.

McQ Inc, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, develops high technology surveillance and remote sensor systems.  With our team of engineers, computer scientists, production engineers and state of the art production facility, McQ works from a “concept to product” development process resulting in transitioning state of the art technology into fielded military capabilities In a very short period of time. McQ consistently develops new capabilities under research and development contracts, as well as, produces high technology systems that result in important advances in surveillance technology and products.  For over 30 years McQ has been a major supplier of Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)/video surveillance systems, supplying capabilities to the conventional Army and Special Operations that have been deployed in every Combatant Command as well as fulfilling requirements and deployed with the Navy, Marines, Air Force, DOJ, DHS and DOE.  These tactical surveillance systems have successfully performed with excellent reliability in hostile and extreme environmental conditions. McQ products are key components in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems that are globally networked through Internet of Things (IoT) user displays and server based Information Technology (IT), providing solutions to customers around the world. These comprehensive ISR systems automatically detect target activities, initiate live video imagery of the targets and connect the information to users over Internet Protocol (IP) networks in real time. McQ The global networks include military radio, cell phone, satellite, WiFi and custom radio networks. User displays and system command and control is provided through any platform with network connections, such as, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Common Operating Picture (COP) central monitoring sites. McQ is a leader in advanced surveillance technologies that provide Situation Awareness information on hostile activities from remote areas allowing real time command, control and confident operational response.

An engineering design, development and analysis company, Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI) combines computational analysis with well-conceived testing to solve difficult mechanical engineering problems effectively.  Advanced engineering techniques that include finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), which are transferable to the development and enhancement of armaments technologies, are applied expertly by MSI’s personnel. MSI’s engineering services include advanced system/ component design, analysis, testing and troubleshooting; stress evaluation; predictive maintenance system development; and innovative electro-mechanical component/ system design.  For example, MSI recently evolved imaging calibration techniques and advanced software technologies to post-process high-speed videos of weapon test events.  Aimed at DoD Test & Evaluation (T&E) groups, MSI’s technology enabled the acquisition of quantitative data with cameras, versus the camera’s typical use as a collector of solely qualitative information.  Therefore, considerably more data could be gained from warhead and missile live fire tests, potentially with inventoried camera hardware.  Further instances of MSI’s DoD projects include machinery prognostics and diagnostics technology, a system for test ranges to evaluate missile target-miss distances, an anti-RPG solution for ground vehicles, and accurate, medium caliber munition prototypes for unique, less-than-lethal applications. MSI’s significant mechanical engineering expertise, in combination with its substantial investments in advanced technical problem solving software (and in the computational hardware needed to apply these tools effectively), will offer opportunities to advance the development of various weapon systems through the resolution of complex mechanical problems.  Please browse MSI’s internet homepage,, for additional information that includes detailed examples of MSI’s capabilities.

In 1996, Medico took part in a study by the Department of Defense which concluded that Medico has the existing technical expertise to manufacture ammunition parts for 60mm and 155mm for both high and low volumes.

Meggitt Defense Systems (MDSI), part of Meggitt PLC, provides Ammunition Storage and Handling Systems used by militaries around the world. We develop, manufacture, market and service high quality Linear Linkless Ammunition Handling Systems, and large caliber Robotic Feed and Storage Systems, offering operational reliability and automatic handling of rounds, providing more efficient weapon systems to the field. We are a technology leader in automated feed and resupply of ammunition, and we manufacture to rigorous MIL-SPEC performance and environmental requirements. Meggitt delivers world class ammunition handling technology for hydraulic or electric powered platforms and is actively involved in the development of next-generation combat systems.

Merrill Technologies Group (MTG) provides centralized management for its subsidiary corporations: Merrill Tool & Machine, Merrill Fabricators, Merrill Aviation and Defense, Merrill Engineering & Integration and Merrill Aviation & Defense Ranger Division. The MTG divisions cover the following business sectors: oil and gas industry to include development and research, mining industry to include development and research, alternative power solutions ranging from solar power to research and development of the latest technologies, aerospace, defense, heavy truck manufacturing and development, robotics, machine design and building, and chemical design and research. MTG can take a program from conception thru complete research and development to a final integrated production solution. MTG is involved in extensive R&D efforts for all the listed sectors ranging from the design and build of solar energy components, specialized test beds, wind tunnels for academic research, streamlining of machining processes to reduce customer cycle time and costs, robotic designs to work in hazardous areas, and other critical research or designs for unique solutions. MTG has prototype development, fabrications, testing and assembly procedures across all of its sectors. MTG's aviation sector is a FAA certified repair facility working on repair or development of fixed wing to rotary wing aircraft. MTG defense sectors are able to design or manufacture solid type warheads, blast hulls for wheeled or tracked systems, remote weapons stations, UAS systems, armor steel development for unique survivability solutions, space and missile components for commercial or defense solutions and other defense orientated work. MTG is AS9100 certified and ISO 9001:2008 for quality certifications.

Metadyne Inc. (dba Towanda Metadyne Inc.) is a manufacturer of precision powder-metallurgy parts specializing in cemented tungsten carbide and tungsten alloys. As a leader in the innovative processing of Tungsten Carbide powders, they have developed cost effective solutions that enable high quality, competitively priced products. Industries served include: mining, oil/gas drilling, construction/agriculture, lumber/woodworking, general wear, metal removal and defense products.

Mettle Ops is a Woman-Owned Small Business and a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that offers a wide spectrum of technical, professional and administrative services. We have extensive experience with operations management, engineering management/services, risk management, safety assessment/management, administrative support and documentation. Mettle Ops is a small, family-owned business founded on 30+ years of Army service resulting in a unique, user-focused perspective. Our mission is to build a reputation of excellence with integrity, on-time delivery, and superior products.

Microwave Innovations is a Telemetry industry leader in developing, qualifying, and producing transmitters and supporting technologies for Aerospace Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E), and production for Missile, Airborne, Munitions, and Launch including Low Earth Orbit (LEO) programs. Providing engineering solutions for two decades with the highest standards for programs large and small for the UHF, P, L, S, C and Ku/Ka-Bands. We are the telemetry engineering partner who will be there with you at every step to assure mission success. MISSILE Telemetry - Transmitters and systems for programs from Air-to-Ground, Cruise, Ballistic, Target to Re-Entry, meeting the most demanding requirements while providing the highest performance.  Supporting the most challenging requirements including high shock, vibration, and temperature, in addition to providing design analysis, parts programs, testing, and program management needs. MUNITIONS Telemetry - Transmitter and systems solutions designed to meet uncommon and demanding environments.  Designs for Railgun, 120 mm Tank, Excalibur Artillery, to Hellfire Missile are examples of high shock to over 50K Gs solutions.  Small projectile, Shoulder Fired Missiles, Ground Launched Missiles, and Target telemetry designs commonly supported.  Rapid design experience from an RPG Interceptor with transmitter and command link to a Man Portable Missile telemetry kit solution. AIRBORNE Telemetry - Transmitter products supporting Aircraft, Drones, Weapon, and Target Systems.  From UAV research to QF16 training missions to strategic weapon to ongoing aircraft development with off-the-shelf to customer specified solutions, we can support your requirements.  Proven performance and reliability with production programs from hundreds of units year to year to one transmitter, we can support your program. LAUNCH Telemetry - Transmitters and RF systems for space launch programs large and small ranging from multiyear launch campaigns on ULA Delta IV and Atlas V to NASA Sounding Rockets to the emerging commercial launch providers.  Customer specified requirements to off-the-self solutions, supporting design analysis, parts programs, testing, and program management, we have the experience. ENGINEERING & TEST CAPABILITIES WIDE Range of telemetry products and innovative solutions that include Transmitters, Receivers, Antennas, Mechanical Designs, RF Power Splitters & Dividers, Encoders, Battery Systems, Video Interfaces, GPS System Integration, Harnesses, and Cables. PROGRAM Management for multiyear programs to immediate one unit turn-around requirements. RESEARCH & Development unique custom solutions and designs are supported daily from full design review processes to rapid short-fuse program needs with a single unit delivery.  We can support your program. TEST Capabilities ranging from development to production including Acceptance and Qualification testing in-house.  Environmental test capabilities include thermal, thermal cycling, thermal-vacuum (TVAC), Shock & Vibration, and EMC/EMI to name a few. AUTOMATED Test Equipment (ATE) systems are designed, built, and used on programs where high-fidelity measurements and long-duration monitoring are needed for R&D, Qualification, burn-in, and production testing. An AS9100D Certified Company.

Military Systems Group, Inc. (MSG) of Nashville, Tennessee has been a leader in weapons mounting solutions for over three decades. MSG is a vertically integrated Service Disabled Small Business (SDVOSB) that designs and manufactures turrets, machine gun mounts, swing arms, and comprehensive vehicle mounting and armor solutions. Its product line and expertise spans ground, air, and naval applications.

Millennium Corporation is a strategic management, cybersecurity and systems engineering firm and committed partner to the Government – driven by results and focused on people as we help our customers achieve mission success. We have a proven record of performance supported by successful contract results with customers within the ARMY, NAVY, OSD, DHS and other civilian agencies. We offer large company capabilities with the agility and flexibility of a small business, meeting and exceeding evolving requirements.

Mixed Signal Integration specializes in analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. MSI offers both standard products and custom ASICs in CMOS technologies. Consumer audio and video, wireless personal communications, automatic test equipment and medical are some of the markets where MSI enjoys excellent customer relationships. A corporate commitment to continued research and development has allowed MSI to innovate in the areas of low noise, low distortion audio; high frequency filtering and low voltage operation. These breakthroughs are featured in the company's standard products and are available for implementation into custom designs. MSI is particularly strong in integrated circuit filter design, both switched capacitor and integrated RC active filters. MSI works in conjunction with select wafer foundries and assembly vendors to offer its customers a broad choice of processes and packages.

Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI) is an employee-owned engineering services and technology solutions company delivering first-choice capabilities to solve problems of global importance. Our mission is to make important and lasting contributions to the nation's defense and security by providing leadership and best-value solutions to solve America's most technically challenging strategic problems. Founded in 1993, we have achieved stable growth and have been recognized for our core values and commitment to our customers' success.

MTA, Inc. is a Woman-Owned Small Business based in Huntsville, Alabama that has been providing research, development and technology solutions to the defense industry for over 30 years. Over the past 2 decades, we have provided a wide-range of advanced fire control and missiles program support to the U. S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) located at Picatinny Arsenal and Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) located at Redstone Arsenal. We have established longstanding industry relationships and work collaboratively with our partners to develop effective solutions for our Government customers.

Nalas Engineering offers chemistry and chemical engineering expertise that enables the development of safe, robust and low-cost chemical processes. Nalas has extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, fine chemical and hazardous chemistry. These experiences range from new molecule synthesis, analytical method development, proof-of-concept demonstrations, process modeling, process design, cost modeling, and full-scale production start-up.

Nammo Talley, formerly Talley Defense Systems,a ISO 9001:2008 certified division of Nammo, is a pioneer in developing aircrew escape systems, automobile airbag components, sub-munition dispensing systems, shoulder-launched weapons, and other key propellant loaded devices.

NASCENTechnology, Inc. is a developer and supplier of multi-layer transformers and inductors for high reliability applications in defense/aerospace, medical, and down-hole markets. We utilize low temperature co-fired ceramic processes in conjunction with layers of ferrite tapes to realize these magnetic components whereby the ferrite becomes the package and magnetic material in one, thereby eliminating the plastic bobbins, brittle ferrite cores, and weak wire used in traditional wire-wound magnetic components. This approach also results in a hermetic part that is shielded from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and lends itself very well to integration with other components into very compact modules. Ideal topologies for this component technology in the warheads and fuzing market are fly back converters and boost/buck converters. Our products are designed into or being evaluated for Electronic Safe and Arm and Initiation Safety Device systems. They are also used as trigger transformers. We are a 100% U.S. owned and controlled small business registered with the Directorate for Defense Trade Controls. We qualify as a non-traditional defense contractor. NWEC member organizations interested in our technology or joint business development can contact Daryl Schofield at 605-882-8513 or

NTS‘s Defense Group provides a wide spectrum of defense technology research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) services for the military, DoD, government, and commercial industry. These extensive services evaluate the weapons, ordnance, munitions, avionics, electronics, hydraulic and pneumatic controls, engines, and communication systems that make up today’s modern battlefield elements. Our extensive T&E capabilities include live fire, environmental, dynamics, safety, and MIL-STD-2105 Insensitive Munitions (IM) tests at our Camden Operations division in Arkansas. Multiple NTS divisions around the country provide 200 v/m up to 40 GHz EMI/EMC and MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-331 testing. NTS-USTL in Wichita, Kansas performs safety and ballistics testing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including body armor and helmets, for military, industry, and Law Enforcement. This facility is an NIJ certified test laboratory for body armor and other PPE. Our DTI division in Virginia specializes in MIL-STD-901 Shipboard Shock testing and engineering, including Heavyweight barge tests. Our Ordnance Science division in California provides 3D CAD Modeling and TDP Development with ProEngineer Foundation XE, Finite Element Analysis, Projectile Design and Analysis and the Design and Development of Custom Test Apparatus. The Albuquerque, NM based Test Systems Engineering (TSE) group designs and integrates test, measurement, automation, data acquisition and control systems utilizing diverse hardware platforms, operating systems, and instrumentation standards. NTS TSE provides systems and services for defense, automotive, medical/biotech, materials science, and semiconductor research, testing and measurement applications. This expertise involves projects ranging from National Instruments LabVIEW instrument drivers to full-blown automated turnkey systems.

Navatek is a world leader in the design, analysis, and prototyping of novel systems for Department of Defense customers headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii with a second office in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Customers to date include NAVSEA, ONR, DARPA, TARDEC, USMC, USAF, US Army, and US SOCOM. Navatek has detailed experience in computational fluid mechanics, kinematics, mechanics, engineering physics, the physics of plasma, acoustics, structural modeling, signal processing, and control of systems. Our corporate headquarters has a commercial shipyard and prototype yard for the construction and testing of systems. Located on Honolulu harbor, at sea testing of systems is easily accomplished. Further, Navatek is located adjacent to Pearl Harbor allowing for easy access to ships for installation, testing, and maintenance of prototype systems. Navatek’s sister office in South Kingstown, Rhode Island is well situated for working with NUWC on systems and armament design. Navatek’s knowledge base will allow for a better understanding of systems like towed arrays, the Large Displacement Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (LDUUV), and other UUVs.