February was an eventful month for the DOTC Program, the NAC Leadership and our member companies. During the month of February, 12 new awards (valued at $198M) were made and $179M was placed on the DOTC OTA. We have 130 projects that are currently in the selection-to-award pipeline. The DOTC goals for the coming months are to eliminate the backlog of pending awards and complete the Enhanced White Paper (EWP) evaluations.


As a NAC leadership team, we met with all of the DOTC Program leadership to assess the program and to discuss ways to further improve our processes. We have begun two major initiatives to improve both the visibility of the program and to streamline the process in order to make it more relevant and accessible to both the government developers and the NAC members.  Specifically, we are instituting an initiative to capture the success stories of the many technology advancements made through the program by both our nontraditional and traditional contractors. The objective of this initiative is to communicate the great work being accomplished by our members to all of DOD’s modernization stakeholders (e.g. Congress, DOD Leadership, PEOs, PMs, developers, and our members). Secondly, we have begun a “process reset” initiative that is looking at all aspects of the program to simplify and speed up the award process while ensuring collaboration and compliance remain as a cornerstone of our value proposition. Our goal is to complete the process reset by June to enable holding a GMM/collaboration event this summer.


Moving forward, we’re thrilled to work with James Miller of Dynetics in his new capacity as Chairman of our executive committee. James is an incredible leader, he has successfully navigated the government’s contracting process for years, and he’s highly respected by his peers. We’re confident that he will provide steady leadership for the NAC well into the future.


Finally, we hope that all of you stay safe in the midst of the COVID-19 health crisis. Over this time, we know that many events and meetings will be postponed; however, the work of the DOTC and AMTC Programs continue to move forward.


Thank you all for your involvement and dedication to the mission.



Charlie Zisette

Executive Director


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