Key findings:  The Consortia Model promotes innovation,
expands the industrial base, and accelerates acquisition

Fairfax, Va. – July 20, 2022 – The George Mason University Center for Government Contracting today released a new research report examining the value of the consortia model to the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition process.

Key findings from the report include: the consortia model enhances communication between government and industry via dedicated collaboration events; the consortia model expands the defense industrial base as nontraditional defense contractors make up 77% of  the membership for the 12 consortia surveyed and serve as the lead contractor on nearly 70% of awards through those consortia; and in certain circumstances, the consortia model can significantly speed up acquisition timeliness and free up the DoD acquisition workforce to perform other critical tasks.

The report – “The Power of Many: Leveraging Consortia to Promote Innovation, Expand the Defense Industrial Base, and Accelerate Acquisition”–  is co-authored by George Mason University Center for Government Contracting Senior Fellow Stephanie Halcrow, and Moshe Schwartz, President of Etherton & Associates.