Working Groups

The National Armaments Consortium (NAC) working groups serve as collaborative platforms for industry leaders, academic researchers, and government officials to exchange knowledge, share insights, and drive innovation in specific areas of armament development. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and leveraging the collective expertise of our members, we accelerate the growth of leading-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our armed forces. Explore our working groups to see how we are shaping the future of defense technology through collaboration, research, and problem-solving.

Energetic Materials Technology Working Group (EMTWG)

The Energetic Materials Technology Working Group focuses on advancing research, development, and application of energetic materials for enhanced defense capabilities.

Ordnance and Ballistics Technology Working Group (OBTWG)

The Ordnance and Ballistics Technology Working Group advances ordnance and ballistics technologies for improved military firepower and effectiveness.

Critical Chemicals Collaborations Colloquium (C4)

The Critical Chemicals Collaborations Colloquium promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry, academia, and government organizations to address the challenges and advancements related to critical chemicals in defense applications.

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