Advanced Weapons Technology Summit Briefs Over 60 New Technology Requirements from AMTC, DOTC, JEMTP, and NEST Valued at Approximately $3 Billion on Day Two

A productive and packed day two of the Inaugural Advanced Weapons Technology Summit (AWTS) has come to an end here in Huntsville. The day included presentations from Senior leaders and more than 60 new technology requirements briefings valued at approximately $3 billion.

Day two speaker and briefing highlights included:

  • Lieutenant General Robert A. Rasch, Jr., Director of Hypersonic, Directed Energy, Space and Rapid Acquisition
  • Ashley Johnson (SES), Technical Director, Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division
  • David Zecher, Software, Simulation, Systems Engineering and Integration Director (A), Aviation & Missile Center, Combat Capabilities Development Command
  • Eric Edwards, Executive Director, Aviation & Missile Technology Consortium
  • An overview of the Joint Enhanced Munitions Technology Program (JEMTP) by Lawrence Fan, JEMTP Program Manager.
  • A presentation on Critical Energetic Materials from Jamie B. Neidert, Ph.D., Research and Development Scientist, DEVCOM AvMC
  • A presentation from Greg Lankler of Thorn Run Partners on the state of the FY24 National Defense Authorization Act

The late morning and entire afternoon were dedicated to rapid-fire sessions of new technology requirements briefs from AMTC, DOTC, JEMTP, and NEST.

With day two concluded, we look forward to a busy morning on day three that will be dual-tracked. Track One offers government and industry 1-on-1 sessions so attendees can learn more about the requirements briefed by the government and present their feedback and capabilities.

Hosted by the Critical Chemicals Collaboration Colloquium (C4),)Track Two will shift gears to focus on biotechnology and critical chemicals manufacturing.

Day three will feature remarks and presentations from the following Department of Defense leaders:

  • Katherine Sixt, Principal Director for Biotechnology, OUSD R&E
  • Marta Pazos, Critical Chemicals Portfolio Lead DPAI
  • Aissa Tovar, Deputy Director of DPA Investments (DPAI)

Additional highlights of the agenda include:

  • A panel discussion hosted by Moderated by Paritosh Dave, Leidos Inc., and Mr. Christopher Zember OUSD (A&S) on Advanced Manufacturing. Panelists include:
    • Katherine Sixt, Principal Director of Biotechnology, OUSD(R&E)
    • Derek Abbott, VP of R&D Strategic Partnerships, Amyris
    • Lawrence Farrar, Founder and Owner of Resodyn Corporation
    • Stephen Beaudoin, Professor in the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University, and Founding Director of the Purdue Energetics Research Center (PERC)
    • Greg Constantine, Co-Founder and CEO of Air Company
  • A presentation from Joseph Mayne, Senior Chemical Engineer, Resodyn Corporation on the Development of Continuous ResonantAcoustic® Flow Technologies for Critical and Energetic Material Synthesis.
  • A presentation from Beaudoin on Process and Workforce Development to Span the Valley of Death: De-risking Manufacturing Translation.
  • A presentation from Pat Ward, Air Company on the Single-Step Production of Alcohols, Paraffins, and Aromatics from CO2 And H2.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at the Von Braun Center for day three beginning at 8:00 AM CT!

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